Lillian Cooper

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“My aim is to love and care for this planet and the best way I can do this is by drawing it.” 

For me, drawing is a way of truly seeing things as they are, my way of acknowledging and learning about my surroundings. Drawing translates an intimate moment: the connection between eye, heart and hand in the created line. I work in the quiet spaces, seeking places of (inner) stillness.  

At present I am working on two major projects that both recognise the fragility of our planet and present climatic changes. The Coastlines project maps the rock edges of the north Atlantic coast. Portrayed at fixed moments in time, the drawings record eroding coastlines. They explore shape, form and structure, studying the fabric of the land.  

Parallel to this I am studying the life and death of trees. The Xylotheque Unpacked is a project that analyses trees from their beginnings to the diseases they increasingly suffer at their end. Climate change seems to have exacerbated these diseases. Approaching from a scientific viewpoint I am learning through working with botanic gardens and plant pathologists of the profound elegance of trees and the beguiling beauty of decay.

I work en plein air, within the landscapes I draw. I am privileged to experience an immediate connection with my surroundings. We all have our own landscapes some more intimate in scale or pastoral than others and some more urban, those personal landscapes we carry within us. Caring for and observing my surroundings is my prime motivation to draw what I see around me.  

"Lilian brings an architect's eye to the patterns of geology and botany - the sculptural affect she traces on her varied media releases the imprint of time and change."

Stephen Connolly, filmmaker